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Founded in 1996, our parent company, the Heritage Realty Group has been one of the forerunners of innovation and leaders within the real estate industry in the country. Credited with a rich history of service excellence and transparency, the organization has spearheaded development across residential, commercial, retail, IT and entertainment complexes, covering more than 6 million square feet of space in major urban centre such as Kolkata and Bangalore. At the same time, the conglomerate has also capitalized on prevailing socio-economic trends in society – for instance, Heritage Realty Group took the initiative in creating housing facilities for the urban middle-class who enjoy easy access to several home finance loan provisions and are aspirants for better quality of life. Over the passage of time, Heritage Realty Group has built a fully dedicated and experienced team comprising experts in development, operations, investments, asset management , accounting and legal affairs pertaining to the industry. However the success story of Heritage Realty Group – of its entrepreneurial expertise, thoughtful planning and core investments has now leaped into a new era of growth, prosperity and innovation. Unimark, looks to continue taking this legacy to new heights. Unimark has emerged with a mission to forge new strenghts and create landmark projects, each with its own identity and unique design, to move forward on a platform of innovation and excellence which will weave together the many facets of environmental wellbeing, social equity and economic viability.

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