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Shree Naman Securities had its inception in the year 1993 and since then, there are numerous projects that are there in which the company has worked. At the same time, the company has received several acclaims. In the last 23 years, there are numerous building projects in which their works have come up to the level of milestones. Their relentless striving for perfection has turned them as the winner of the ACCE Simplex Award in the year 2004. This award was mainly the result of the work that they had done for the Saarthi Project in that very year. The reach of the Naman Securities stretches to different levels from the hospitality industry to the financial services to the commercial and residential projects. There endless works have turned them into the threshold of perfection and high reputation. Under the expert guidance of Jayesh Shah, now it is possible to get the best building works come out of this company.

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